Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Extra Strength Domes

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Bootstrap Farmer

1020 Extra Strength Domes

Our heavy-duty clear plastic Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays helps you regulate the temperature and moisture needed for the germination of your seedlings.

When rooting clones or sprouting seeds, it's a good idea to keep them in a safe place with warm and humid air. Our humidity domes allow the right amount of humidity and temperature levels in the seed trays to maximize germination.


  • Our Humidity Domes are truly heavy-duty. They are not flimsy or brittle like others
  • Humidity domes are designed to gently rest on the rim of the tray, it will not seal to the tray
  • Made from Extra Strength recycled plastic
  • 6" Dome has maximum height of 6" with 5½" height excluding handle. Outer Dimension: 21¼" x 11" x 6"
  • 2.5" Domes both maximum height and interior height of 2.5" (no handle).
  • Adjustable Humidity Vent
  • Easy-grip handle attached to cloning dome (only on 6" dome)
  • Not intended for use in direct sunlight
  • Fits 1020 trays and plug trays, including all those sold by Bootstrap Farmer